International growth and HR expertise


Our company is growing rapidly and now we are looking at expansion into Europe, Australia and North America.  We have a small UK based HR team and so are considering the best way to get the advice we need to employ people locally in each of these locations.  Is anyone willing to share a recommended or tried and tested approach?  We have tried some local advisers in one European country but actually that's not been especially successful, so perhaps a UK based global adviser might be the way forward?  Or are there other approaches that we could consider?  We need professional advice/knowledge in terms of the employment relationship, finding someone to process local payroll is less of an issue.



  • Very large law firms have international reach and can advise or alternatively regional firms are members of TAG LAW which operates on a network basis and your UK lawyer can put you in touch with a local lawyer and coordinate the advice
  • Although most of my life has been in big organisations I have had call to seek professional HR support in the context of starting operations in new locations. If your wallet is deep, David's suggestion of the big law companies is the "simple" solution. I have also used the local firms in the IUS LABORIS network who all specialise in HR legal matters, and have found them to be excellent in their respective countries. Have a look at their site.
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    Thank you Ray and David. I was assuming that the international law companies were one of the options, albeit at the expensive end. I'll have a look at your two recommendations, thank you very much.