Indian National on Swiss Work Visa Eligible to work in UK?


I have a situation on my hands and have no idea on how to proceed. Any advice will be gratefully received. 

We are a multi national company with our H/O based in Switzerland. One of our employees, who is currently working for us in Switzerland is on, what I can only assume, a Swiss Visa. It states on it that it is valid for CH, multiple entries, and is a type D. 

We would like him to visit the UK to undertake some training and in the future visit, for work events, and each of these visits will be no longer than a week at most.

Will this be possible on the visa that he currently has or will he be required to obtain another for UK entry. As I understand there is a Schengen arrangement of which the UK is not part of.

Many thanks

  • We have a similar situation with staff in Europe (predominately Sweden) who are from India and Pakistan. When they need to come to the UK for training etc we do them an invitation letter stating the details which they then use to apply for a business visa. We've never had a problem.
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    Thank you Elsa
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    Just to add: wouldn't think the Swiss visa has any relevance to the matter of entry to the UK, other than to corroborate if required the reason for the UK visit.

    It happens all the time that nationals of very many of the world's nations visit Britain for the purpose of business meetings etc. Provided they have (if required) obtained a valid visa to do so in advance of their visit and in doing so have declared all the details, there should be no problem. It's a long time ago, but a past employer hosted many visitors from all over the world on a routine basis, and I recall not one of them ever mentioning any difficulties in getting into the country. Obviously, we are or should be a global-trading nation and it's not at all in the national interest to impede or harass genuine business visitors.