Post Brexit arrangements - trading on behalf of an EU business in the UK

Not sure where is the right place to post this!

As Brexit is coming up fast we are looking at operations and how we continue to trade.  We are an insurance business working with Lloyds and a number of our clients and customers are EU based who chose to place into the London market.  We are planning on setting up an EU domiciled business in order to continue to facilitate business in the EU and be the head office for our EU based companies.

As part of this we want to enable our UK based employees to work for and on behalf of the EU hub but based in the UK.  So they wont be in Europe, they will physically be in the London based office but may be transacting or handling business referred via the European offices in to the UK market. Jurisdiction of employment contracts will remain as the UK and they will be paid via the UK business.

We have a similar arrangement at the moment with someone working in London but processing and writing business on behalf of our US office so I see it no different to that arrangement but am I missing anything?