CIPD Qualifications and Other Countries

Hey All,

I have been reading and browsing the CIPD community content and found alot of threads where people have relocated with there CIPD qualifications to countries like Australia and Canada. I would first like to point out that CIPD qualifications are accredited as the institute itself is registered in the UK Ofqual, CCEA and Qualification Wales as an awarding body and a learning provider. This basically means CIPD qualifications can be evaluated, compared to other countries by using evaluation services from either public body or private depending on where you have relocated to or are planning to go. As said before if you are planning to move look for educational evaluation agency.

For Canada, the Canadian immigration body has listed several evaluation agencies that can evaluate your CIPD qualifications and they are:

  • Comparative Education Service: University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.
  • International Assessment Service of Canada.
  • World Education Services 'WES' This company operates for both Canadian and US market.
  • International Qualification Assessment Service.
  • International Credential Evaluation Service.

All of these mentioned above, CIPD qualification holders can choose the one they think is right for them. This information is officially listed by the Canadian Immigration Body.

For Australia, please note even though CIPD and the Australian Human Resource Institute have a formal agreement to recognize each others membership/qualifications. The Australian government also offers evaluation services, The Qualification and Skills Recognition Body, listed on Gov Australia website.

For USA, there are numerous evaluation agencies to name, however I will name some for the community. It is also important to note that USA education market is highly unregulated thus, educational or evaluation institute behave as a sovereign body. The most notable evaluation company in the USA are:

  • Educational Credential Evaluators, 'ECE'
  • World Education Service, 'WES' (As mentioned in the Canadian list this company operates both in USA and Canada)
  • Foreign Credits (They do evaluations online)
  • Ucredo (They do evaluations online)

For Sweden, this one is unique, Sweden is the only country to my knowledge, the educational body of the government carries out free evaluations of your qualifications, this is only applicable for those holding EU/UK/EEA nationalities or if you are married to a Swedish Citizen. The name of the body is Universitets- och högskolerådet (UHR - The Swedish Council for Higher Education), or simply put UHR Sweden.

My advice to CIPD members or those holding CIPD qualifications, is to get your documents formally evaluated by a notable evaluation body. This will help the employers of that country match your qualification properly with there and your expectations. Please also remember CIPD was incorporated by a Royal Charter and that only is given to those who have demonstrated excellence in their fields, so rest assured you studied from a very reputable, accredited and recognized institution. 

I hope this information helps.

Regards, Assoc Umar S.