• CIPD Qualifications and Other Countries

    Hey All,

    I have been reading and browsing the CIPD community content and found alot of threads where people have relocated with there CIPD qualifications to countries like Australia and Canada. I would first like to point out that CIPD qualifications…

  • International growth and HR expertise


    Our company is growing rapidly and now we are looking at expansion into Europe, Australia and North America.  We have a small UK based HR team and so are considering the best way to get the advice we need to employ people locally in each of these locations…

  • Help! Australian employment law - Employee off with stress


    I am hoping that someone can help me ! 

    We have a small set up in Australia with 5 employees and a couple of self employed consultants.  The director and another employee have never got on very well we have done lots to try to make a better working…

  • Australia Immigration Adviser Recommendation

    Hi Fellow CIPD members!

    Can anyone recommend a firm for dealing with Business Visas/Permits for Australia?

    Thanks in advance


  • Long Service Leave - Australia (NSW)

    Hi Eveyone,

    Just trying to get my head around this long service leave entitlement for employees in NSW and I just want to sense check my understanding with someone in the know!

    So as I understand it, an employee with 10 years' service with the same employer…