• Relocating UK employees to first USA office

    Hi All

    We are in the process of opening our first US office in Austin, Texas, which three members of our UK staff will be relocating to (two with their families).

    I am in the process of arranging the visa side of things, however my MD has advised that he…

  • Relocation from the UK to the US

    Good morning


    I am working with a senior executive who has been asked by his employer to permanently relocated from the UK to the US.  He is the first employee to do so and the Company does not have a formal relocation policy.  I would be grateful if you…

  • Relocation expenses France

    I am looking to find out which relocation expenses (e.g. shipping, temporary accommodation, schooling) are allowable, whether limits apply in France and associated tax issues.

  • Relocation from UK to France


    We are looking to relocate an employee from the UK to France. The employee is willing to relocate since he is a French citizen and has family connections in France. However, he is on a UK contract at the moment. We would be transferring him on to a…