• SIPSI Declaration - France

    Hi All

    Our company is based in 19 countries throughout Europe. We have some of our UK employees travelling to our plant in France for work purposes for a period of 2 weeks. Does anyone have any experience with SIPSI declarations for workers being posted…

  • France - how to monitor daily/weekly rest breaks

    We have an organization of 10 employees in France - 100% cadres, 50% home based, 100% with significant business travel and working time expressed in days.  We do not have an electronic time and attendance system.

    Is it therefore inevitable that we need…

  • Getting into HR in France

    Hi there,

    I graduated last year with a law degree in the UK and am now on a fixed contract as an HR assistant in an international company, supporting both UK and European employees.

    I really want to go to France to experience work over there and improve…

  • Monitoring daily rest breaks in France

    We have approx 10 employees employed by our French entity.  All are cadre status and most of them travel extensively inside and outside France.  Is it mandatory to have a process (e.g. badging system) to demonstrate compliance with the requirement for 11…

  • UK company doing business in France

    we are employing our first staff members in France and quickly learning about French labor codes and collective bargaining agreements (we are architects). does anyone have an English translation that they would be prepared to share?

    we have a particular…

  • Redundancy process in France

    I am looking for some guidance on the process and timeline to follow for a redundancy of a single employee in France. Our contract with our client is expiring and the role that this employee does is ceasing. 

    As I understand it we must first call him (by registered…

  • Employees transfers in France

    I was hoping someone in this network may have experience or knowledge of employee transfers in France, specifically in the business to business sector where contracts are won and lost and in a call centre type business unit where some people but not all…

  • France: salary survey benchmarking for Engineers

    I was trying to locate Engineering salary data and wondered if anyone had a recommendation.





  • French Employee Handbook

    Hi everyone 

    I am an HR Assistant working for a software company in Glasgow, we have several employees based worldwide. I am currently putting together an employee handbook for our French employees and i'm struggling to find French Labour Laws in English…

  • Lives in France, on a UK contract?

    Hi there

    I have an individual that was working in the UK and then relocated to France.  They have continued to work for us and we pay them through a French payroll bureau but still a UK contract.  Does anyone identify any risks with employing on this basis…

  • Relocation expenses France

    I am looking to find out which relocation expenses (e.g. shipping, temporary accommodation, schooling) are allowable, whether limits apply in France and associated tax issues.