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I wondered if any of you have a list you could share regarding acronyms in HR.  As I am not in a specific HR role, I sometimes have to Google the acronyms I see on here and in articles or Twitter etc. An example would be SME....I had no idea that this referred to small to medium enterprises when I first saw it 

They would be extremely useful and I would be very grateful.

Many thanks


  • Steve Bridger

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    11 Jun, 2019 12:34

    In reply to Keith:

    Off my Christmas card list 

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    Some employment law ones for you:

    BoC / BOC Breach of Contract
    HRA Human Rights Act
    EQA Equality Act
    ERA Employment Rights Act (1996); This Act contains most of the more common "day-to-day" employment legislation.
    DH Disciplinary Hearing
    GH Grievance Hearing
    MoHSR Management of Health and Safety Regulations
    SOSR Some other Substantial Reason (for dismissal)
    "Bundle" Documents collected as evidence for Hearings (particularly ET hearings)
    Lay Adviser: Person authorised by the Ministry of Justice to provide advice and representation at Employment (and some other) Tribunals
    NWNF (Merchant) "No Win No Fee" (Provider of advice)
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    Fantastic! Thank you. I was only looking at SOSR earlier and racking my brains as to what the heck it meant. I am going to collate everyone's suggestions into a list and save it so I can refer to it going forward
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    11 Jun, 2019 15:16

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    it's actually Personnel and Development... old skool!
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    for those of us have been members for 30 + years, I remember when it was IPM. (Institute of Personnel Management)
  • SME can also stand for Subject Matter Expert :)
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    ...and IPD, before we gained the "Chartered" status.