The future of HR

What worries do people have about the future of HR?
  • That the lower rung HR roles like Administrator and Assistant will become obsolete due to technological advances etc, thus making it more difficult to get into HR other than through graduate programmes.

    From my own personal experience, I was never the formal education type so the grad route was never going to be an option. Instead I started at the bottom and have slowly worked my way up to higher roles. But it was the initial exposure that did me the world of good and I am always appreciative of how the admin and advisory elements of an HR function combined can determine the resourcefulness and effectiveness of HR within an org.
  • My biggest concern is that HR continues to remain a support function that doesn’t provide commercial business savvy advice.
  • The role of HR is evolving quickly especially with changes brought about by COVID-19 (think remote hiring, virtual onboarding, split teams/ work from home etc.) HR professionals who want to future-proof their careers will have to start looking to value-add beyond what's stated in their initial job scopes.

    As work is shifted online globally due to the pandemic, the biggest challenge faced by recruiters is replicating the connection built during in-person interactions online. This connection is important for two reasons: building a good candidate experience which improves your employer brand, and helping you to identify the right fit for your team.

    The key challenge for both parties is getting a good mutual understanding of each other’s values, personality, and working style without meeting in-person.

    HR professionals will also struggle with identifying the right fit and building a good candidate experience. To ensure they still hire the right talent, recruiters are refining their interview questions while trying to help upper management to adjust to this new style of hiring and interviewing. Others are looking to adopt recruitment tools to help build a seamless, efficient and desirable candidate experience that will hopefully counter the technical difficulties and hiccups that tend to happen with online processes.