Brexit and your role - what are your burning questions?

Steve Bridger

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17 Jan, 2020 15:07

With Brexit now looming, we’re putting together a comprehensive set of FAQs with (we hope) some useful pointers for people professionals.

With this in mind, what are the burning questions you need answered?

For example... pondering over what the new immigration system might mean for recruiting EU citizens... or wondering if you should change any policies before the end of this month?

Let us know what you are thinking and we will do our best to address your concerns and answer your questions.

In the meantime... have you visited our Brexit Hub?

  • For me, it's what will the new immigration system look like and how will it work. In particular, will we need to have a sponsorship licence in order to employ EU citizens who do not already have the right to work in the UK (i.e they are new to the UK and have not got pre-settled or settled status)?
  • In reply to Gemma:

    • Details about the new PBS scheme and skill/salary threshold
    • How to check citizens with Settlement/Pre Status when they are not issued with anything physical
    • At what point will EU citizens have to pay the IHS?
    • Will the immigration levy apply to recruitment of EU Nationals as well - and if so, will there be an exemption for PhD level posts and reduced rates for charities?
    • Reassurance that in the transition period, EU Nationals who don't yet have Settled Status can still enter and work in the UK with their passport only - as I understand it, the proposed temporary visa is voluntary as well as temporary
  • We don't know yet - but I'd like some indication of what new employment laws will look like - presumably they'll change? Dominic Cummings 'viral' job advert specifying only young people need apply was a big red flag to me. I'm anticipating a degradation of protections for vulnerable people and employees in general, with Brexit used as an excuse (perhaps I'm cynical)
  • In reply to Gemma:

    Also as a sponsor I am interested to know how this will affect the current Tier 2 visa process and whether there would be any special arrangement for EU citizens compared to other international applicants i.e. how does this affect the monthly quota?
  • In reply to Polly:

    That's a great question - at present we only sponsor PhD level posts so can use our Unrestricted allocation (which we would need to increase regardless) but can see we may need to use NVQ6 level more for EU nationals.
  • Hi Steve

    These are concerns rather than questions:

    I have visited the CIPD Brexit Hub and come away not much the wiser. Where I can see dates on articles, there is quite a lot of information that goes well back into 2019. The documents in the GOV.uk toolkit that is signposted from the Brexit Hub are of a similar vintage.

    I have found out where the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill has got to here: services.parliament.uk/.../europeanunionwithdrawalagreement.html

    The Bill appears to be at the Report stage in the House of Lords, so well on its way to becoming law.I have also looked up the text of the Bill.

    What I would appreciate from the CIPD is a simple summary of the Bill's content and where it is in the process of becoming law. I would like this to be dated and the date to be changed every time it is reviewed even if the information doesn't change so that I know it has been recently checked. and I can rely on it.

    The sevices.parliament.uk site requires you to navigate away from the front page to look up definitions and there is an amendment that needs to be looked at in conjunction with the original text of the Bill. Could someone at the CIPD please produce information that is all on one page?

    As well as a simple statement of what's going on with the legislation, we also need to know whether the elderly employer's toolkit is still ok to use.

    It's all very well for GOV.uk to say we aren't required to ask staff and they aren't required to tell us, but my boards are getting very twitchy about what staff are doing. Telling them "Oh, but there's no requirement to ask" looks passive and really is leading with the chin. All of us in organisations where there are EU etc staff need to be able to demonstrate to our employers that we have this under control, insofar as is possible. Back in summer, it was clear how long people had to apply for settled status. Now I'm not confident that the information I can find still applies.
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    22 Jan, 2020 11:24

    In reply to Elizabeth Divver:

    Thanks for the feedback, . I know the team here are reading these comments :)
  • In reply to Elizabeth Divver:

    Brilliant response Elizabeth, this is exactly what we need.
  • In reply to Steve Bridger:

    Thanks, guys.

    I support a small group and one of the boards has asked for a Brexit update. It concentrated my mind!
  • We've just updated our Brexit Hub with the latest updated information, focusing on people arrangements for employers.

    In particular, look out for the new Brexit FAQs and the people arrangements grid.

  • In reply to Derek Tong:

    Hi Steve
    My concern is being able to continue to recruit people from the EU. There has been a lot of talk about "talent", minimum salary levels etc, but what if you don't want "talent"? What if the majority of your employees have for some years come from the EU and you worry where they will come from if you are no longer able to recruit them because of a salary threshold?

    For context, this is manufacturing, but I know other sectors recruit EU colleagues so may have similar concerns.

    Thanks, Annabel
  • In reply to Annabel:

    Annabel, you raise an excellent question concerning (presumably) unskilled, low-cost labour, which I think in terms of answers has been swept under the carpet for too long by the powers at be......
    If you cannot demonstrate a specific skill need, then I suspect that your answer will have to take the form of offering an improved package that local labour is willing to accept.....
    I'm very interested to see how this one pans out and feel for you !
  • Apart from the points already mentioned I would be interested in any upcoming changes regarding contracting/self-employment for people living in the EU and providing services to a UK company.
  • I’m in the same situation as Annabel and would welcome information on this
  • In reply to Annabel:

    I'm in exactly the same position Annabel. At least 90% of my employees are from the EU. We recruit mainly unskilled labour and train and develop them. All of my now semi-skilled staff and operational management team have been developed from within and 'started at the bottom'. I'm in food manufacturing and its a massive concern. We are trying to invest in more machinery (where we can) which will remove some head count however we still rely on a large number of unskilled and semi skilled labour. A points based immigration system will just not work for our industry.