Tell us your story: what impact do you make?

On your best day, what kind of contribution do you make as a people professional? What impact do you have on individuals, on your business, on wider society?  We asked the same question at our 'Shape the future of the people profession' event earlier on this week, and here are some of the comments people wrote - we'd love to hear your stories! 

  • "By helping people do their jobs better and adding value for their employees"
  • "Restructure and develop our subsidiary to pull their skills together and align with objectives and values" (L&D)
  • "Protecting, enlivening, empowering and up-skilling. Bringing new ideas..."
  • "Encourage to [do] the right thing by our people ALWAYS, and live our values"
  • "I have colleagues and people in my network who are constantly ready and willing to support others..."


This post is part of our ongoing research and discussion about our new Professional Standards Framework. We are passionate that a diverse range of people are able to get involved, have their say, and help us shape the framework through their feedback, ideas and suggestions. 

  • Helping individuals see themselves through the eyes (and experiences) of those they work with, along with the recipients of their services, to reveal those things for which they are valued and where they might make useful changes. Subsequently providing them with the means to evaluate their professional development progress and the positive consequences to those they manage or serve.
  • I support the organisation I work for. I provide advice and guidance that helps managers and staff do their role to the best of their ability and deal with situations as they arise. I support and assist my colleagues and they support me.