CIPD L5 EML Unit - right approach?

Morning all

I have a tendency to overanalyse and overcomplicate things and am never quite sure of myself (I have genuine imposter syndrome :(  )

So because of this I am stuck on what is probably the easiest question ever asked on the CIPD assignments.

"identify 3 requirements of the HASAWA"

Would my approach be correct if I pick out just a few points from the General Duties section part 1 such as "the provision and maintenance of plant and systems of work that are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health;" and write a bit of information about what this relates to, such as "this refers to the provision of equipment such as IT infrastructure and ensuring they are safe to use, for instance by retiring obsolete or defective equipment and ensuring visual and PAT test inspections are carried out on a regular basis and recorded etc etc........"  I'm a bit stuck on the systems of work and what that actually means in this context, is it referring to processes and making sure they aren't unduly onerous or actual physical use so referring to risk assessments etc?  Both?  

and then talk about facilities for staff welfare such as toilets, water etc

possibly giving a quick practical example of how it applies to my workplace?  

I have a good example I think for ensuring risks to health in connection with transport of articles and substances - we have to load/unload trucks and have a 'stores' so can refer to manual handling training, PPE etc and also cleaning substances kept in a locked cupboard etc (if thats what it means!)

Any pointers or just confirmation that Im on the right track much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!



  • Anyone? I have over complicated it haven't I? I've even over complicated the question I think :D
  • In reply to Samantha:

    Samantha, the best person to ask for clarification is the tutor who set the question as they will be in the best position to say how much detail they are looking for and if you should be analysing this from a particular angle.
  • In reply to Anna:

    Thanks Anna, the tutor/facilitator isn't available for a while and there is a webinar (that I keep watching on repeat) that only touched on this question as if it was an obvious one to answer.

    I get 2 attempts to submit so I think I'll go with my gut and see what feedback I get, I'm led to believe the feedback on incorrect assignments is very helpful and puts you on the right track.

    Im surprised how much I'm struggling, 15 years ago I wouldn't have been fazed in the slightest at getting something wrong, would have just dusted myself off and carried on but now I'm a bit of a ditherer!
  • In reply to Samantha:

    As you say, Samantha, any feedback will be useful. I would support you going with your gut and providing an answer that's relevant to your own workplace context.

    Do continue to make use of this community where it can be helpful to you.

    Best wishes, Anna
  • You have over-complicated it. How many words is the expected assignment length?
    The question does not ask you to relate it to your workplace. Just asks you to 'identify' which means pick out 3 requirements of the Act and explain them. Link to relevant HSE information for the first requirement you mention - www.hse.gov.uk/.../indg291.pdf

    The HSE website will have all you need to understand the subject and be able to answer the question - in your own words of course!
  • In reply to Judy Williams:

    Hi Judy, this section of the assignment is only 250 words (makes it harder in a way!) and the webinar said to cite the hasawa specifically and give practical examples for all 3 which is why I thought about a real life example in my workplace. I know what they mean by identify, I'd have given up long ago if that stumped me :)

    I was also a bit stuck on whether it meant I was ok to pick out 3 points in the "general duties" section that cover welfare, facilities etc or if I needed to go into the other parts of the hasawa that refer to transportation and chemicals and persons other than employees and so on.

    Anyway, decided to just go with my original thought and cross my fingers when I submit it.

    Thanks all :)