Level 7 Diploma in HRM - Who is the best provider???


I wonder if any one has any thoughts or suggestions on the best online learning company to use to start my level 7 diploma please? 

I completed 3 and 5 via Avado who unfortunately are not doing 7 so I need to source anther company . I have been researching and there are a few out there but wanted to find out if there were any opinions, the ones I have come across so far are MOL, ICSLearn and DPG

Thanks Emma

  • The best provider is probably your local university
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    hi Peter. thanks for the reply but I work full time so need 100% online/distance learning hence my me room of the companies I had researched. I'm not aware of any uni's that do this?
  • Hi Emma,

    I was in the same position and recently started my Level 7 with ICS Learn. This is the first time I have studied 100% online and I am only a few weeks in so it is not much of an insight, but so far I have been really impressed. I have received feedback and answers very quickly and you have access to everything from Day 1, so you can study the way it works best for you. I am getting married later this year so I like that I can really focus on it for a few weeks and get through a lot of it, but then I can have a couple of weeks away without panicking.
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    Hi Emily, that's great, thank you for the feedback. ICS were one of my considerations so its nice to hear honest feedback
  • Hi Emma,
    You can study 100% online (via virtual learning, online workshops, email with tutors and voice calls outside office hours) with the University of Lincoln's work-based distance learning BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management degree programme. This is effectively a 'top up' degree which can be completed in 18 months (although we offer periods of interruption from study if projects at work get a bit intense) and it has been designed so that students can explore their day-to-day HR challenges and current HR issues through the programme. It is CIPD accredited and represents good value for money. You also get to graduate in a wonderful ceremony at Lincoln Cathedral! You can find more information at www.lincoln.ac.uk/.../
    or feel free to contact me directly at jmarshall@lincoln.ac.uk for more details as I am the HRM programme leader. Best of luck!
  • Hi Emma,

    I completed my level 5 Diploma with DPG and I thought they were really good. From Day 1 you have access to all of your online learning materials, assignments etc. We had a group workshop once per month which was useful as you got a chance to meet with the others in your group and not feel so alone.
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    Hi Emily,
    Have you completed your Level 7 dip with ICS Learn? How was your experience with them throughout please?
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    Hi Loretta,

    I am almost finished with Level 7 with ICS, the pandemic delayed the opportunity to take the exams which was understandable.

    For me, although I liked it for the first few weeks, I have found them very frustrating. The support is inconsistent, the material they provide is sometimes 7+ years out of date and worryingly inaccurate. I feel that I have almost finished my Level 7 in spite of them rather than with their help.

    I have raised concerns with them about certain issues which they couldn't answer for and just admitted the issue but no solutions, or they don't respond at all. I believe they are trying to improve things but I have not seen that since I joined them.
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    4 Jan, 2021 16:17

    Hi Emma... not sure they'll be a 'best' one as everyone has a slightly different set of criteria. At the end of the day you'll need to make your own judgement. All posts advisory, of course.
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    This is very useful feedback, thank you. I am wishing you all the best in completing your PGD soon!
  • Hi Emma,

    I can see you have had lots of good suggestions already, but I completed my Level 5 with ICS Learn and they were great, from ease of accessing materials while traveling and responsiveness of tutors. Their Student Services section of the website is also very responsive to questions about technical requirements or details about the course!

    Best of luck when you start, I hope to do my level 7 soon too!
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    Hi Loretta, maybe try Acacia if you're looking for an alternative option. They'll let you do a taster session before you sign up as well - https://acacialearning.co.uk/cipd-hr-courses/level-7-cipd-advanced-hr/

    Let us know how it goes!

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    Hi Emily, how have you found ICS, as I have heard mixed reviews (more negative, than positives)?
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    Hi Janet,
    Are you still offering this course, as I am looking for a course to study via Distance Learning?
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    Sorry, I've just seen this reply. I am on the CIPD L7 FB group and nobody has really spoke highly of ICS.