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This is my first ever post and I have no doubt put it in the incorrect place hence apologies in advance Steve :-)

Anyhow, I'm quite a HR novice (Studying Level 5) and would really appreciate some help please.    I am currently assisting management within our company to bring our very disjointed team together.  As a starting point, I have been tasked with asking all employees to complete an annonymous employee satisfaction survey (preferably on line with collated instant results) ....can anyone please point me in the right direction as I can't see if such thing exists or am I asking the impossible?  I did a google but no joy.

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  • Hi Michelle

    You could start here - this is what one company I worked for in the past used...


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    Many thanks Cass
  • Hi Michelle and welcome to the community!

    I'd highly recommend looking at 'Thymometrics', they provide what they call an "always-on" employee engagement survey as well as the ability to send out ad-hoc group surveys with anonymous feedback capabilities. We've had great success with their offering over the last 6 months in our organisation.

    If you were just looking to send out a survey on a one-off basis however, this wouldn't be a worthwhile investment I'd suggest. Good luck!
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    I'll look into that, thanks very much Michael and thank you for both the welcome and more so the good luck....I think I may need it :-)
  • Hi Michelle, although I can't offer any specific recommendations I hope you don't mind if I give you a useful tip with a satisfaction survey. As good (and potentially frightening) as they are the proof will be implementing any suggestions/improvements/ideas afterwards. Employees can spot when their message doesn't get through or they don't feel any improvements once they have supplied their comments. So please deliver or implement as much as is possible to avoid any cracks from getting wider. There are some historic threads on this forum on satisfaction surveys so worth a quick search for recommendations or experiences. Good luck. :-)
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    Interesting point you raise, thank you Clare I shall discuss this with my GM
  • Hi Michelle,

    Welcome to the forums! Have a look at TinyPulse and Peakon: both do online engagement surveys and they might be able to help you craft something.
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    Thank you Alys, I shall take a look
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    Hi Michelle

    Do CIPD studies still include the good old ‘ Hawthorne Effect ‘ ? - the very act of merely taking an interest ( if handled half-right of course ) can have a significant influence, maybe?
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    Hi David
    Certainly not come across the "Hawthorne Effect" as yet (shall google) but yes, you are very right, the fact we are taking an interest should certainly (and hopefully) help.....in my 20 years of working for the company it has never happened which I guess speaks for itself - it's even made me feel more positive :-)
    PS: I take your comment on board and totally agree with handling it correctly - thank you
  • Hi Michelle

    Our company uses Survey Monkey for the customer side of things but i can see that they have employee surveys as well www.surveymonkey.com/.../

    Also a HR section if you click the 'solutions' drop down list at the top of the site. I can't attest to the actual quality of the surveys, as that's carried out by our marketing team, but can only assume they must be doing something right if we're still using them.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you James, I have come across survey monkey and will look into more
  • We have recently used Microsoft Forms (as it was included in a package we already paid for) and been very pleased with it. There are anonymous and non-anonymous options. It is similar to surveymonkey in terms of simplicity and appearance. You can export the results to excel or it will make charts of results for you.

    I would second the advice above about being careful what you ask i.e. only ask for suggestions in areas you're genuinely open to changing! That was a lesson I learned the hard way when I used to be involved in public consultations...quite rightly, nothing infuriates people more than putting thought and effort into sharing ideas and then discovering the "powers" had already made their mind up in advance.
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    I have used Qualtrics and have generated a report of results recently. In regards to the questions - it is always good to have a working group and test the questions. Have a good idea of what do you want to ask and how would you like to connect your questions with the strategic priorities of the business. People issues will come up and an action plan following the survey results would be highly recommended. Make sure you have something like "you said, we did" in your comms to staff so that they will feel the connect between their voice and actions. Timing of your survey is also important - ensure that the survey is being published in a good time for employees, perhaps Oct-Nov.Let them know what are the benefits of completing the survey and perhaps, if the company could afford it, donate £1 per completed survey to a preferred charity.
    I hope that helps.