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A lighthearted one for you all...

We've been recruiting a lot recently and a colleague in sales stated, "If we get more people in, you'll have to get a disabled person soon". He was under the impression that companies of a certain size MUST hire people with a disability. After pointing out that was totally untrue, we also had a positive conversation about disability is more than using a wheelchair...

What comments have you heard relating to HR that are totally not true?

Fake news? Fiction? Fantasy?

  • Apparently I have a special calculator for pay negotiations. It automatically deducts 10%.
  • that I must like people! I keep telling everyone I don't but they don't believe me
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    We are on the employee's side.
  • That it's easy for us to put our emotions aside (when referring to dismissals usually).
  • "We are the people experts". MMmmmm??
  • Apparently I have a special HR crystal ball that means I know things about employees that I haven't been told.
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    That along with the mind reading powers they teach us at level 5....
  • I once had a manager insist that because we had made a reasonable adjustment to support an employee with a disability to remain in work that we had to make the same adjustment for all other employees (disability or not) otherwise we were discriminating against them all.

    Needless to say some training for said manager in how to support staff with disabilities and what constitutes discrimination followed.
  • That we can provide training personally in anything people related because we are experts

    And if there are any problems at all, HR deal with them all. Daft quarrel with a colleague? Tell HR, they are the Office Parents and will sort it out for you.

    We make the decisions to dismiss.

    I often say to people in here that if I has as much power as they thought I had, I'd be running the business.
  • That I can recite word for word the exact contents of every policy or process in the employee handbook
  • That doing one qualification after another is equivalent to working in HR...
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    We also do Facilities, Catering and being the general go to department when you don't know who else to ask
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    Hi Cat,

    I changed the title to "HR myths" as 'fantasies', well... maybe that was just me!!

    Signposting this related thread we have kept for a decade (it may have dated)...

    The myths of employment law

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    No. We only get those powers at L7 :)
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    I was told by a senior member of a local authority that they were disappointed in me because I was unable to confirm the exact section of legislation which confirms the pregnancy protective period. This is also the same senior member who once asked my HR Manager at the time what our Bullying policy was.

    One myth that seems to follow me in my career is that I am aiming to con part timers out of annual leave when Christmas Bank Holidays fall on their working day (as you can imagine these individuals don't work on Mondays and Fridays)