Work pattern different than Monday to Friday?

Hi all, 

I am working in a fast-paced logistics company. I look after seven operations - 750 permanent heads and 300 agency colleagues across multiple shift patterns, pretty much 27/7, 363 days a year. I am thinking about restructuring the HR department to be more fit for purpose. Do you think I would be able to recruit and retain HR and Payroll Administrators on 4 on 4 off shift, or 223 (2on2off3on2off2on3off) shifts in the Midlands area or all 'the good people' want to stick to 5 of 7, mainly Monday-Friday? 

Any expertise and input are highly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance for sharing!

  • Hi Julia

    Years ago, I worked on a 24-hour distribution site. My hours of work were 9 - 5, but I used to go in at night on occasion to help induct new starters and always really enjoyed it. I'd be tempted to advertise and see what reaction you get and ask the current staff if anyone would like to do it - no pressure. I still remember one of my male colleagues at the depot who worked permanent nights for several years and said it had meant he had seen his children growing up in a way he could not have done on the day shift.