HR job hunting / success rate period

Hi all:

Hope you are all well  

I am here to ask professional advices and opinions as to based on your personal experiences/ statistically speaking, what period and month would be least likely to find jobs? I have one year work experience in HR. Currently I’ve had few interviews but no offers as it’s competitive. I’m thinking to go on holiday for one month or two to visit my other relatives , which means if I go now I could either come back in end of December or end of Jan ( beginning of February), if Jan is harder to find jobs I’ll stay there for a longer time until Feb. if not I’ll go back in January. But I assume January is more competitive as new year people are switching to new jobs?

sorry to be pain I’m hoping if I could seek some professional advices or statistics here I can make my decision on flight bookings! Everything needs to plan in advance. 

Thank you in advance