Barriers to career progression

We're getting ready to launch our biggest survey of the year to understand what matters most across the people profession. Here's a teaser question for you...

What has been the single largest barrier to advancing in your career?

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  • Lack of flexibility in terms of Work / Life Balance.
    Limited in terms of PT work available in the Geographical area.
  • Like a few others its been the commute a lot of the big Companies are based in Belfast and the drive into the city from where I live is a nightmare. Also after I had my family the lack of opportunities for PT work or even just more flexible working. I changed jobs last year and was disheartened at the number of HR professionals who were unwilling to offer flexibility in their working hours
  • Lack of confidence in my skills/abilities to apply for other roles.

  • In reply to Maisie:

    I'm with you on the 'not enough experience'. Even though I have a lot of transferable experience and skills. Took a while to get into HR.
  • In reply to Victoria Dmochowski:

    I went to a recruitment agency, and we wrote my CV highlighting all transferable skills but still found it difficult to get an interview!
    Thankfully I found a company that fully supports my learning and progression.
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  • For me, HR being lumped in with Payroll. Whilst I can do the basic math's required for HR bits, I'm in no way qualified to run Payroll. I had a catastrophic interview for an HR and recruitment job a few years ago, which turned out to be half Payroll, half HR (not stated even once during recruitment) - I had a 'fun' surprise Excel payroll test at the end of the interview (badly paid job, interview excessive with presentations and rankings of exactly what order to undertake various processes like grievances etc.) - to sum up, I guess people expecting HR to have some innate Payroll knowledge (I'm sure a lot of us do, I definitely don't!)