Professional indemnity

At a completely HR-unrelated event I got talking to a fellow HR professional. We got on to the subject of professional indemnity - yes, the event was that exciting!

Cut a long story short she was surprised I didn’t have it, I was surprised that she did. We were both employed by companies and neither of us did consultancy or similar work.

I can understand the need for it if you were self-employed, but I’ve always thought my employer’s insurances would cover me. Am I making a (potentially expensive) mistake? I’m now getting worried. 

  • You are, indeed, covered under your company's insurance for your advice on that role. I'm curious what benefit she thought she gained from having it.
  • In reply to Robey:

    Thanks Robey,

    Yes, it confused me as well as I've always understood it to be that the company covered you. I've no idea why she had it, but you know how it is when someone's convinced - it makes you question yourself.

    I guess the insurance is not that expensive (in the scheme of things) so it might have been a 'belt and braces' act, or perhaps she'd misheard/misunderstood someone somewhere talking about self-employed HR professionals.

    It could be a new market for online 'Lawyers-R-Us' companies now PPI's are ending - "Have you been mis-sold Professional Indemnity Insurance?". I can hear the phone ringing now...