Free courses available on OpenSap and LinkedIn

Hello Everyone, Does Courses available at OpenSap and LinkedIn holds any value? I’m pursuing CIPD level 5 side by I have done courses on Human experience management, Organisation Design, People Analytics, Evidence based HR but was wondering does these hold any value in getting job in HR. Regards
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    These courses vary greatly in quality and applicability. Some are great , others less so. I see them (the better ones) as more about personal and professional development rather than being directly applicable to job searching. They expand your knowledge rather than enhance greatly you CV.
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    I completely appreciate what you are saying its just without job you tend to get anxious whether u r going in the right direction or not.

  • I'd agree with Keith - they may not be worth citing on a CV, but on an application form you can usefully use them as examples of your own continuing professional and personal development, (e.g if you are asked to evidence a commitment to your own CPD/showing initiative in self-directed learning etc)
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    Ann u r right but when u r starving for practical experience. Everyday I just think how it will be working in HR??
    I have approximately 1800 rejection in my inbox (not even given a single interview) and Iam just applying for entry level HR jobs.
    All this makes u think Am I putting efforts in right direction??
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    If you have done anything thing 1800 times and got the same result then you certainly need to change what you are doing. Thats as true of applications as any other walk of life.

    Whilst HR is very hard to get into if you have a well crafted CV, are applying in the right way and to the right jobs then I would expect some traction from that number of applications.

    I would go back to basics and look at your whole application strategy. If possible getting someone external to help you review it and assess strengths and weaknesses etc.
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    Thanks Keith. I will surely get my CV reviewed.
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    Valuable advice from Keith. If you're already using LinkedIn I would suggest focusing on how the platform itself can help you find a job, rather than the courses they provide.
    What does your LI profile look like? Does it showcase the skills you offer? There are many trainers out there offering free training on how to use LI to find a job. Google the phrase and sign up for a course.
    Does your LI profile say you are looking for jobs/open to offers? That way recruiters can find you.
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    Thanks Ann. Will try doing that. I have mentioned in profile summary that Iam looking gor HR role. I will try getting connected to recruiter or someone who can help me in writing my CV. And will also connect with someone who can help me in using LinkedIn for finding a job. Below is my LinkedIn id if there is something wrong u can see: linkedin.com/.../dimple-dhingra-16325013

    Many thanks in advance for your help.
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    It's a long time since I was involved in a recruitment role so I would recommend you find a friendly recruiter specialising in the HR space and ask for some honest feedback of your CV and LI profile.
    Having said that, as you will no doubt have discovered by looking at the conversations in this community HR is a very competitive field with plenty of people struggling to get that first role.
    On the face of it your LI profile says nothing that would entice me to consider you for such a role. It's not obvious how your experience would transfer and the only HR experience you have is as a result of your studies.
    You need to be more specific about the type of role (and level) that you are looking for; and to link your existing experience to that role so a potential employer or intermediary understands what you can offer. Again this would be best clarified by having a conversation with an intermediary.
    Or perhaps Community colleagues who are currently in recruitment roles might be in a position to offer more advice.
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    Many Thanks Ann for valuable advice. I will surely act on this..
  • My lunch time thoughts on your linkedIn  profile - all just my thoughts on first viewing

    • There appears to be a gap from 2016 to now in work history

    • Your two previous roles appear to be unconnected or linked to HR (they also appear quite different to each other)
    • Lack of results / achievements (typical in many profiles) What difference did you make ? What added value?

    • You appear highly qualified in HR with a first degree and an MBA but have never used it despite qualifications being 13 years ago - why? Might confuse many

    • You have a first degree in HR and an MBA specializing in HR but are now doing a L 5 - this seems confusing

    • What level role would I pitch you at? Too qualified for entry , lack of experience for middle roles

    • Saying you are a people person is likely to turn off more recruiters than it appeals to (IMO)

    • The skills you highlight (negotiating and managing) are unlikely to be those entry level roles require - again this might confuse recruiters

    • I dont get a sense from profile about what HR role you think you would be suitable for or what you are really looking for

    • Nothing really jumps out or grabs me as a compelling narrative or story. Its just not memorable

    All above would, in a competitive market place, probably lead me to say interesting but other more close candidates for this role 

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    Hi Keith,

    You are right it is confusing that why Iam not sure what to do?

    My 1st career role was in  Relationship Management as campus placement (Took a wrong decision as it was highly paying still regret for that decision) and before I could understand it was my career.

    Took a break during 1st pregnancy  accompanied with serious illness. After recovering got second job, which was similar to 1st one but in different sector(both were sales and client relationship management profile). In 2016 I took another break again when we came to UK. Planned for 2nd kid in between.

    In 2019 I wanted to start working and was getting calls for BDM profile but this time I didn’t wanted to work in sales. I wanted to work in the area I always loved. I was ready to do anything it took to get back in HR. My 1st step was to get degree comparison from NARIC and it was equivalent to UK degree. Then applied for many role be it admin or entry level HR but no success and most of HR roles were asking for CIPD qualification. I called to enroll my self they suggested CIPD Level 5 would be suitable for me and I did that. Frankly CIPD certification gave greater perspective and in-depth knowledge of latest trends, right attitude for CPD.

    I mentioned about negotiation skills in CV as it was my daily job to negotiate with CXOs for ERP solutions on price and features and help them through out change management process and in my 1st job I was managing 27 people and I over achieved my targets for 2 consecutive years, I was nominated as best sales person in my organisation(out of 10000 employees). In that role my contribution was no sales trick it was managing internal team. I introduced many employee engagement initiatives other ROI initiatives which helped my branch to excel.

    I don’t know what to do with being over qualified issue, I will happy to take entry level role in HR or even will be happy to do volunteer work in this field.

    And yes the people person thing is definitely going out of my profile.

     Special thanks for reviewing my CV.