CIPD membership

Hi all.

Quick question for this beautiful morning. Is there some way of checking someone’s membership of the CIPD? Some sort of members’ log?

At the end of last year a friend employed their first HR professional, she said she had a CIPD qualification but the certificate was at her mum’s place. She said she’d get it sent on. What with one thing and another, my friend completely forgot to chase it. 

There are now little niggly things happening that, in my opinion, someone with even the most basic CIPD qualification shouldn’t have happen. Looking at her profile on LinkedIn she doesn’t make any reference to her qualifications. I said I’d try and find out. 

Thanks all!

  • I thought you used to be able to phone up CIPD membership and check

    But personally I am not sure thats the issue. If they cant do their job then I wouldn't care what their status was or wasn't.
  • I must agree with Keith, seems like an issue with capability. Membership or not...
  • In reply to Keith:

    And, of course, qualification is different to membership - having a qualification doesn't necessarily imply up to date knowledge - that's why we keep our membership and our CPD up to date. ;-) So even if you could check this person's membership, it wouldn't say anything about their level of qualification or vice versa. I'd be inclined to treat it as a capability or performance issue and manage accordingly - after all even if this person does produce their qualifications, your friend still isn't happy with their performance and that won't go away with a certificate.
  • Dimly recalled past ‘form’ here: