Experience Assessment - TA experience

Hi All

I am a TA and ER Manager, I am currently doing my experience assessment for chartered membership. I have a little dialemma... 

I have to provide 2 examples of where I have delivered a new or improved approach and demonstrate the impact this has had - i also have to submit evidence.

Problem is both examples that come to mind both involve the introduction of Talent Acquisition to organisations. My most recent organisation has been used as an example, and as its recent, I have saved some peices of evidence that I could use. 

The other example of introducing TA was from my previous organisation, so I have no supporting evidence, an the example sounds too similar too. 

Does anyone have any ideas or advice on how I can get around this?

Many thanks in advance

  • Hi Arun

    This sounds like one to discuss with your tutor or whoever is overseeing your studies. Failing that, could you contact your previous employer and ask them to help you out with this?
  • I think, first of all, you need to ask your previous employer maybe they can help you with that. If they can't help you I advise you to search for new examples with easier access.