I'm currently a HR Manager for a professional services organisation and I have been in the role 5 years. It is a stand-alone role and I've recently become worried that I am loosing my experience in managing formal procedures such as disciplinary and grievances. The company have had minimal cases during my time and whilst I have the knowledge to apply a fair procedures etc, I'm worried that I'm loosing experience. Can anyone recommend where/how I could try and ensure I keep this area of my professional skills alive other than reading case law and changes in best practice? I'm particularly interested in procedures and how organisatins are interpretating on the framework in the acas code of practice? I would like to look to make a move professionally in the next few years but I'm lacking in confidence in this area due to limited exposure recently. Thanks in advance
  • hi, I used to be in a similar situation until things started to change at work. I kept myself updated with the cases that People Management magazine publishes. I think you can also attend any tribunal hearing. I have not done this myself but I have been told it's possible. though I was aware of different scenarios and cases and how they were dealt, unfortunately I believe it can't replace your actual experience. Good Luck.
  • Thank you. helpful thoughts
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    Hi Sian

    It will involve expense, but eg plenty of external short specialist training courses should incorporate eg role play as opposed to simply chalk and talk / death by powerpoint etc .
  • Hi I experienced this in a previous role. I got a role as a school governor and trustee role of fairly large organisation. It was hugely beneficial both in terms of sharing expertise, advising on some detail, seeing how things were outside of my organisation as well as feeling I was giving something back. It wasnt overly demanding in terms of time. Would your employers support this?