Data Protection. HR Consultants Professional Indemnity Insurance CONCERN

Hello CIPD members - this is a question and worrying concern I have for all HR Consultants. 

I am currently insured with Weald Insurance. As recommended by the CIPD. I have been concerned that having spoken to Weald they have informed me that they DO NOT cover advice we give on Data Protection compliance. They said they do not see Data Protection as part of the HR Role. This is very concerning as Data Protection compliance for clients underpins all of our advice. I spoke to the CIPD Commerical Law team and they were also concerned about this and suggested trying to find another insurer. I have tried and have not found any relevant cover. 

Is anyone else in this situation (or now found they are also in this situation!) and want a chat or could discuss what they are doing to cover any Data Protection advice they are giving clients? 

Many thanks, 

Lydia French 

  • I am not concerned
    I do not pretend to be a DP expert in the same way that I am not qualified to give advice on safety or tax.
    if I am not mistaken Croner bottled out of Bribery Act advice as it is not strictly a HR issues
    I do however respect the data protection issues of my clients and their employees/contractors.
    Tell us more why you see it as a problem