Dear HR Community

i am looking to make improvements to our HR Induction process.  Can anyone share what they believe works well in their organisations?


  • Any induction relies on two things being done properly.

    1. The content. What do your employees need to know, or should be aware of so they can settle in quickly and efficiently, ie, where to go if there's a problem, whose the boss, whose their boss, rules, procedures and where to find them and so on.

    2. The way the induction is run. ie, how do I impart this knowledge? So this is really a problem of training. I once ran an induction for people which lasted ten days. Most of it was group work, answering quizzes (eg, which member of staff is the accountant, etc.,); discussion groups and so on. Death by power point it was not!!

    Just incase you think that answering quizzes isn't possible for new starters, it is likely that one or more may already know the answer in any case. It is also possible to allow pairs or small groups to wander around and find out for themselves. You could also use multi choice answers. Make it enjoyable!.

    And if you put 'induction' into the community search box you'll get lots of similiar questions regarding induction.

    Good luck.