First impressions as a HR Professional

Hi, (if you've come across my previous posts in the Career Clinic forum, you will know my story already). I recently came across a vacancy online for a Business Support Assistant for a local care home. Whilst not solely HR, the advert did excite me as it involves lots of HR, some of which I do now in my current role, and some I would love to get involved in. I missed a call this week and it was from someone regarding the role saying to call back as they would like to interview me. I called back as soon as I could and I was really put off by how unprofessional the person was. The man I spoke to came across as though he really could not be bothered and said 'we are interviewing on (date) I will check slots but we have lots to interview'. He offered me the allocated time to which I accepted, then he said 'see you then' and went to hang up without evening providing me address details and who to ask for on arrival. I managed to catch him before he put down the phone and said how I assumed the interview would be at the care home. His reply was 'no it's in the head office' and he said he would text me the address. This was 3 days ago and I've not recieved a text with any information on the address or who I need to ask for on arrival. I'm completely put off, as a beginner in HR I find this extremely unprofessional and sloppy, and I don't feel confident on this role anymore. As they say you don't get a second chance at making a first impression. Recruitment really should be a two way street, why is it always one sided? I've decided not to chase this as i most certainly know my own worth.. but what would you do?
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    I like to think so :).
  • wow now that is appauling!! they obviously didn't deserve you. i since had a message from the manager explaining my interview would have o be rearranged (bare in mind this was after receiving an unsuccessful email from Indeed and not receiving address for interview). I ended up writing an email to the head office to advise of the appauling experience and how they really need to look at their processes.