Textbooks for sale


Have for disposal the following fairly-recent editions, but they're not the current editions, but neither will they cost megabucks:


Williams & Adam-Smith (2006) Contemporary Employment Relations London OUP

Blyton & Turnbull (1998) The Dynamics of Employee Relations (Second Edition) London McMillan Business

Holland & Webb (2006) Learning Legal Rules (Sixth Edition) London  OUP

Benny, Sargeant & Jefferson Employment Law - Questions & Answers 2008 and 2009  (3rd edition) London OUP

For some bizarre reason, I have two copies of the latter, so one on its own is £7.00 post free to a UK address

All four titles are £39 post free to a UK address.

 May split, too


PM me if interested


  • NB & PS


    I may not get PMs, so best by far to respond if interested on here, and I will PM you back....

  • Another PS

    Found another one, and it's a CURRENT (third) edition, selling for £48+ on Amazon:

     Rose, E. (2008) Employment Relations, London,, Prentice Hall.

     £29.90 post free to a UK address

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    For sale individually on FleaBay too



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