Books required for team leader training

Good morning all,

I am currently trying to put together a training programme for some team leaders covering things such as return to work interviews, communication, team work and all the essential things that they hopefully should know/learn to become more proficient in their jobs. I therefore need resources to complete this training. Having completed my CIPD ages ago and sold all my books on, does anyone have any suggestions for up to date learning resources / books which I could pillage; on conducting appraisals, team work and team dynamics, managing conflicts etc. I am not an avid reader (I can read though) so want 'to-the-point' phrases, easy reading paragraphs.

Thanks all. Tim.

  • This CIPD website has lots of resources and so does the ACAS website.  And try the Businessballs site which has free resources on a wide range of learning and development stuff (including some fun stuff too).

  • Hi Tim, you may also want to consider Management Pocketbooks as they supply good reading material in a small sized book.  Sometimes reading material can be offputting as individuals are faced with pages and pages of words which start to blur after the first page.  Management Pocketbooks are good as they can be kept in a drawer or on a desk for quick reference and I have personally heard good feedback about them.  Plus, there may be a possibility of discounted orders depending on quantities ordered.  Try their website: www.pocketbook.co.uk