First Time People Manager

Hi all,

Does anyone on this thread have any recommendations for books which would help a first time people manager succeed?


  • Hi Christian, I haven't personally read this but you may want to look at a copy of "The First 90 Days", written by Michael D. Watkins, printed on Harvard Business Review Press and costs around £20.  This probably compliment any additional books.

  • Hi,

    Search Amazon for "Nurture: The team development manual for first-time line managers". The kindle version is currently only 99p but an app can be downloaded so it can be read on phones and tablets. Paper versions are available too.

    It isn't the most in-depth book, but it is really easy to read and encourages people to think about their own circumstances. Information is given in bite-sized amounts so it is not daunting for someone that might be intimidated by a hefty tome.

    *Disclaimer: The author is actually my company's Marketing Director so I am slightly bias, but it genuinely is a good read.

  • Start with one minute manager!

    simple.. but key!