CIPD level 7 Flexible learning workbooks

Hi there,

A colleague of mine is studying for her CIPD level 7, and the workbooks, which I think are brilliant, were a part of the resources provided with the course. However, she does not recommend the course provider, and so I am thinking of ICS, but they are not providing the workbooks. Any idea where to get those workbooks from? They are not available on the CIPD website. 


  • I am studying with ICS and they are providing the 'core' books. It might be worth asking for a breakdown of the resources they provide for each module and then at least you won't be doubling up?
  • Hi, each provider design their own!


    so unless you go to the same provider you wont be able to get the materials in the same format!


    good luck with your studies 

  • In reply to Sophie:

    Hi Sophie, how are you finding it? I ma thinking of doing my level 7 with them.