Pre Christmas Party wise words

Hi all

In anticipation of high jinks over the next few weeks I've been tasked with pulling together some wise words of advice to staff prior to them attending their local Christmas parties.

I'm lucky to have a subscription to XpertHR but the guidance there is really stern and not in the spirit of the message I wish to deliver.

I've searched through the Christmas posts to no avail but would be grateful if someone could lend me some cheery and constructive words I could construct into a pre-Christmas party message to our staff?



  • Enjoy the party (but limit your fun and games to what you'd be happy to share with your mum an dad)
  • Love it Harvey!
  • Enjoy the party and try to make it memorable for good reasons.  :-)
  • Thanks Harvey, Clare and Sandra

    First draft and thanks to 'Law at work' site which prompted the headers:

    December is here and it’s almost time for us to put on our glad rags and celebrate. Please remember:

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas – Common sense should prevail but please remember the Christmas Party is an extension of the workplace and normal rules (health & safety, discrimination, confidentiality etc.) apply. For those that drink it’s nice to have a glass of something to celebrate, but there’s no need to go overboard.

    Driving home for Christmas? – Make sure you have sensible post-party travel plans and remember if you’ve been drinking alcohol, you may still not be fit to drive the morning after the event.

    Mommy might have been happy to smooch Santa Claus, but such wanton public displays of affection in a workplace setting might well be inappropriate or worse, unwanted.

    Oh come all ye faithful?- Christmas takes the UK by storm every year, however bear in mind not everyone celebrates the holiday, but do make sure to include everyone.

    Please enjoy the party and try to make it memorable for good reasons!

  • Hi Emma

    I have just circulated the wording below on posters for staff, not very cheery but gets the message across!

    Whilst we want all of our employees to have a fantastic time at the Christmas Party, we need to remind our employees that their conduct during the night is still subject to our Code of Personal Conduct and Behaviour, a copy of which can be found in your employee handbook or requested from HR.

  • good words Emma but we are destined to be Scrooge even if we make it lighter
  • You're right Peter but my message is being delivered by director elves :o)
  • In reply to Emma Doherty:

    I am pro-actively seeking some words to send to our staff at what seems a very early stage, I've even pipped the first Christmas ads are on TV! Thank you, these words are great.