Redundancy Modification Order & police officers

Hi there,

Does anybody know if police staff are covered under the Redundancy Modification Order?

The Modification Order under section 6 says that it includes "a police authority within the meaning of the Police Act 1996".

What is an actual meaning of a police authority?  Does this mean a constabulary (e.g. Police Scotland) and anybody that works for them (i.e. police officers, office staff)?  Or is this exclusively just the people that sit on the board of a police authority?


  • According to this http://www.local.gov.uk/employment-relations/-/journal_content/56/10180/3510617/ARTICLE staff would be covered.

    Under Which Bodies are on the Order ".....[Police] Support staff are covered as they are employees.

  • Depends!

    I have worked for GMP and Cheshire Constabulary as Police Staff in the past, I was classified as working for Greater Manchester Police Authority and cheshire Police authority, and was also legally made redundant from Cheshire Police.

    The key thing to remember is that Staff and Officers are different entities -different Ts and Cs etc and normally an Officer cannot be made redundant, but Staff can - it will all come down to the contractual detail.

  • Thanks both for the responses.  I think Steve's link makes this pretty clear cut for us as the person in question is a non-officer.

    Thanks very much for the link - this will come in very handy!