Performance Review Meetings with Groups of Staff

Our mid year performance reviews have identified considerable number of staff who have not received a review meeting.  The majority of staff outstanding are employed on generic job descriptions and have the same performance objectives for the year.  One of the questions being asked if whether a group performance review meeting would be beneficial for these staff, albeit individuals who wish to have a 1-2-1 can have them and also 1-2-1 will be held with staff who need help to improve.

I would be very interested to learn if any public sector colleagues operate such a scheme, how it works and the advantages/benefits group reviews have reaped.


  • Many of our Estates and Facilities staff (Catering in particular) operate group appraisals.  They work fine for them - the only difficulty we ran into really was when Pay Progression (i.e. pay rise contingent on criteria including having had an appraisal within 12 months that was at least satisfactory) came in, since it's harder to award a rating to a group.