What are the main issues affecting HR in public companies?

HR structure varies dramatically between different companies due to the varying factors involved in public sector businesses.  What are the main issues affecting the HR model in Public Sector companies and to what extent has it become more strategic in your workplace? What is your company's HR Delivery model like and why? 
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    Is this an assignment question?  Out of curiosity, what are HR models and Delivery models?




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    It's a great question, having worked in private, pubic and third sector organisations, I would ask if the situation of needing various HR model was indeed specific to the Public Sector, or if the root cause in reality is more the organisations operating situation and market conditions.

    There is one thing that comes to mind re the public sector HR models, my understanding is that they all have to aim for 'Model Employer' and comply with PSA (Public Sector Agreements) what governmental organisations see as being best practice etc.

    In reality the HR Operating Model is very much how the organisation arranges itself to be effective in delivering its work load, how it engages with the various levels of delivery and how it connects and intwines with the strategic agility and goals of the organisation.

    I hope this makes sense.


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    "Public company" as in "PLC"?