"Loaning" an employee to another department

Hello all,

Can you please offer your views on the following:

An employee has gotten a new job within the same organisation but in a new department. An exit date has been agreed, however, in the last moment, employee's current line manager says there is outstanding workload the employee needs to finish before moving on and contacts employee's new line manager and agrees to "loan the employee" until the work is completed. Employee wants to move on but is advised by HR that it is in their best interest to accept, otherwise it will put employee's capability into question.

What options do you think this employee has?

Has anybody had a similar experience?

It is an issues one of the organisations I am working with have at the moment. I'm not very comfortable with the way they have chosen to deal with this issue instead of looking to gain employee's cooperation.

  • Who is managing this employee??

    And who is managing the two managers concerned?  

    Someone who is capable of telling either both managers what to do or capable of taking charge of the employee needs to step in.  

     It is not fair on the employee at all to have him/her pulled both ways by different managers. 

    My own view is that if he has obtained another job then when it was agreed that he should go, then that is when he should go.  The fact that there is still 'outstanding' work left behind is tough.  After all, had he resigned and left the organisation then he couldn't be called back to finish stuff could he?  Any way, who is going to do the work he/she did next week? and the week after?  and the weeks after that? etc.,

    I don't understand where HR gets the view that the employee's capability may come into question though.