The Living Wage

If you pay your staff the Living Wage do you expect any contractors you use to do the same either formally or informally?


Barbara Clark

  • In my experience within a local authority, we expected our contractors to do so but this might help : http://www.livingwage.org.uk/how-become-living-wage-employer
  • In my experience of 'the contracted' paying the living wage is an aspiration, but impossible unless those doing the tenders acknowledge the cost of this as part of the procurement process.

    So if you want your contractors to pay living wage that's fab, but you need to pay them enough to do it! (Embittered social care HR professional here...)

  • Many thanks to both Louise & Susi for your replies.

    Louise, I think I've read most of this web site at least a dozen times.

    I'm trying to find out in reality what the reaction from contractors is when you advise them of the living wage. Does it upset them or have they been ok with it.

    Susi, Bless you and I hope you don't stay embittered too long.

    We are willing to pay a bit more, as I said above I'm tying to find out their reaction.



  • I am trying to gauge how other charities and housing associations are responding to the living wage, ie who are adopting it, who is moving towards it over a period of time, who is ignoring it etc etc.

    Is anyone able to comment, together with name of organisation and number of employees?

    Any help gratefully received.

    Many thanks.