Living Wage

I am trying to gauge how other charities and housing associations are responding to the living wage, ie who are adopting it/have adopted it, who is moving towards it over a period of time, who is ignoring it etc etc.

Is anyone able to comment, together with name of organisation and number of employees?

Any help gratefully received.

Many thanks.

  • Hi Jeanette,


    Perhaps a way of going about finding the information is looking at the websites of councils who are Living wage employers and then see who's on their list of 'Living wage employers'. To give you a start, Glasgow City Council has the following on their website on living wage: http://www.glasgowlivingwage.co.uk/index.aspx?articleid=1830

    I've had a quick scan through it and I did spot a couple of charities and housing associations on the list. Hope this helps you getting started.



  • Oh and forgot to mention, Living wage in Glasgow is 7.65 atm rather than 7.85. Reason for this that the council can't adopt UK wide living wage rate until after budget for the next year has been set (which includes finding a way to pay for the 20p increase). So instead of per October it will go up to 7.85 per April this year. Until that time as the council itself is unable to pay the actual living wage it doesn't desire from others to do so until April. At least, this is what I've been told when I queried the 20p difference between living wage and Glasgow living wage.
  • Hi Jeanette

    I think we are both on the same trail here. My Board have asked to find out information about contractors and I can't seem to get anyone to bite.