Apprentice Programmes - example of best practice

Our Apprentice Development Programme in the Regeneration & Economic Development team at Durham has won an annual award for 'Innovation'.

In 2014 we are continuing to develop the programme and were wondering if anyone has any examples of best practice, specifically in local government, that they would like to share.

Areas we are looking at: higher apprenticeships, motivation, key skill competencies and career planning.


  • Hi Greg

     I would contact your local Employer Account Manager at the National Apprenticeship Service. They should have loads of examples. if you let me know your area i will try and get you a contact from a colleague of mine. 

  • Such as this is indicative of  the level of the present Government's interest in developing higher standards in work based learning:-



    Afraid my few experiences / encounters with the NAS to date have not revealed any detectable expertise in the topic  - sad, really, but revealing of the priorities of those who set it up / killed-off all former development agencies and continue to squander  billions of taxpayers money keeping-expanding all manner of ineptly-managed FE and HE establishments.