Recouping training costs

Hi Everyone,

My Company wants to instigate training recoup of costs if an employee leaves.

How viable is this if there isn't anything in any ones contract or if they haven't signed a training agreement AND

even if they had, is it LEGAL to take back money? 

This would probably be for Management training (CMI) / Professional training (HNCs etc)

Thanks, in anticipation of your help


  • Sam

    If you do a search (under such things as Training Contracts etc) you will find a huge amount of discussion over the ethics and practicalities of these agreements.


  • Steve Bridger

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    28 Mar, 2014 10:20

    Hi Sam,

    Keith is right. I've pulled most of these threads together 'tagged' clawback. A lot of the ground is covered in those. #understatement