How to verify the "Quality of Training"

I am responsible for the training of approx 600 operators in a 24/7 wafer fabrication manufacturing facility. We have 4 shifts which rotate between days and nights and each shift has 6 designated trainers.

On the face of it we would be seen to have reasonably good practices and procedures but if asked how do we stand over the quality of our training I would struggle to give a good answer. If anybody has or can suggest a good system for verifying quality of training I would be very keen to hear your thoughts.

  • Michael, I am risking a lame joke by asking if the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. 

    Maybe these aren't edible wafers at all, but some electronic device but in any event the evidence is surely in the trainees output quality. There will always be the odd case where the employee is the problem, but mostly they will reflect the input you provide, surely?

    A challenge might be whether you give too much training and could perhaps perform as well with fewer hours training.

    I am sure it is a bit old hat, but you could do worse than begin by asking those who you train what they feel.


  • there are two simple ways of doing this.

    1.  The attendees are quite capable of judging the 'quality' of the training by issuing at the end of the training session/s review sheets asking simple questions like:-

    a)  How much did you enjoy the training?

    b)  How much did you feel you learned?

     c)  How could things be improved (if at all)


    Or, as you make 'wafers'  the ultimate test is in the proof of the pudding.  Assuming the training is to make them better wafer producers then you should see an improvement in the quanity, and/or quality of the wafer output. (rejects,  faults etc., etc.,) 

    Measure before the training then afterwards. or as I assume you are doing the training now on a continuing basis, then I'd simply keep an eye on the outputs and in theory if the training gets worse, then the quality of the wafers will drop,

    Simple innit??  ;-) 


  • In reply to Nick Spindler:

    Hello Michael,

    I thinks it's great that you are wanting to verify that your training is working - too many trainers and training managers just assume it is working (or perhaps are reluctant to ask).

    I am happy to send you some resources and ideas which you can use or adapt as you see fit - paper based and on-line - if you want to send me a private message.