People Management access

Is anyone else having issues to access the People Management Magazine online? None of the links seem to work, apart from the link to job posts and CIPD events. 

I asked my IT person so verify if our system is blocking the site, the he confirmed there is an issue with the CIPD site itself. I e-mailed the address provided on the e-mail newsletter but did not receive a reply...

 Thank you 

  • Steve Bridger

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    8 Dec, 2014 14:35

    Hi Elizabeth - the CIPD website is slow for me today (I am accessing remotely).

    I flagged this earlier today. I'll check re PM.



  • Steve Bridger

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    8 Dec, 2014 14:49

    In reply to Steve Bridger:

    I gather there was an issue - until approx 1420. Can you confirm the speed is back to normal now, Elizabeth?

  • I have been having problems with People Management for a couple of weeks now, I did tweet CIPD about it (hurray for successfully using Twitter!) but still not working at all for me.
  • Same with myself for a few weeks. The links do not work or work sporadically.
  • I've struggled accessing it too, and it's because my work PC uses Internet Explorer 8, and more and more websites won't run properly (LinkedIn) or at all (People Management) on IE8 - so if you use IE, it might be worth checking what version you're on?

    Both LinkedIn and People Management work fine on Google Chrome.

    P.S. I don't work for Google ;-)


  • Hello Steve and all, sorry I got swamped up with coursework and did not check this thread again. I use Google Chrome and being in a tech company, the equipment and software we use here is always up to scratch...

    Not sure about how it is for you guys, but my links still work sporadically, and sometimes do not work when I try to access articles from the website. I can ask my IT manager to describe the kind of error message I get, as he confirmed it is definitely not on our end...


  • I have almost no access to CIPD/PM links in the newsletter or via Twitter when I use IE. They seem to work in Chrome, but as I have IE set up as my default (I have visual problems and IE works better for me) it can be a bit tricky sometimes trying to access specific articles.
  • I can't access PM at all all via the CIPD website - get an error message stating

    server error in'/PM' Application

    which I think is an exception error. I use Chrome 

  • Emma that's the same message I get followed by a screenload of what looks like HTML text when I try and access links in IE.

    I guess, thinking about it, Chrome works for me because I often can't go straight via a link but have to navigate from the main menu.