Two Job Titles

Hello all

I have a member of staff that carries out two roles for us, one as a Senior Risk Management Advisor (Senior RMA) and the other is Health and Safety Co-ordinator.

The gentleman would like his job title to reflect both and I wonder if anyone has any experience of this please?

Should it quite simply be:

Senior Risk Management Advisor and Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Or is there a smarter way of doing this?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.  

  • Welcome to the communities.

    It doesn't really matter so its simply a question of what works best for your industry and your internal/external clients. From your industry I assume that the Senior RMA is externally facing and the HS Co-Ordinator is internally facing. With that in mind I wouldn't personally necessarily reflect the HSC role in the job title as it might confuse external clients.

    At the end of the day job titles are there to inform and illuminate (and I suppose for some motivate). So as long as you come to a solution that does that then everyone will be happy. 

  • A bit more information about what duties the individual performs and where they fit in the Company management structure may help with some suggestions.  I can think of loads of possibles as I also work in health and safety but without knowing what responsibilities this individual has and where they fit in the organisation I can really help