skills test for a PR & Marketing admin officer job

I am currently recruiting for a PR & Marketing admin officer post.  I would like to include some short skills tests in the interview.  Can anyone help with any examples to demonstrate ability to use social media at work for marketing and fund raising, and PR work.
  • Hi Ann, I must confess to being rather confused, naturally this role would require some key social media skills however would a test really identify any flair or would some well structured questions also provide the evidence you need?  Perhaps asking candidates how they have used social media in their previous roles and the subsequent results?  Unless I'm missing somethere here I'm doubtful a skills test would be appropriate.
  • Hi Ann,

    If you are adamant on doing a test you could give them a scenario and ask them to draft some social media posts for twitter/facebook?

    OR you could ask them to bring an example of a recent social media campaign they have run.

     Or as Clare says you could just test at interview.

     Best wishes,


  • We gave PR candidates a brief about an award we had just gained - it was around 2.5 typewritten pages, plus some photos with captions, etc.  They then had to draft a 50 word piece for facebook, 150 word piece for our intranet, and a 250 word piece for our website.  They had 10 minutes to read the brief before we gave them the tasks and then 45 minutes to complete.  Went very well and we recruited a gem.  Also revealed 2 candidates with dream CVs who couldn't perform - one obviously could not count and the other couldn't write anything interesting unless he had access to the internet (think he was a professional plagiarist!).

  • similar to the other posts, we provided a scenario for an E-marketing campaign. We asked the candidates to write copy based on an announcement made by a fictitious competitor.The candidates were tasked with  marketing our company  message in order to capitalise on this announcement so that customers would turn to us as an alternative.We limited the copy to 100 characters. It did work really well as we we able to quickly sift out those whose skills were not suited to what we were looking for.