Overcoming recession - alternate working methods


There has been a topic flirting around for a while, with regards to alternate ways of tackling the recession and through personal experience, I found interesting to refer to this and assist other HR professionals, who might be experiencing similar situations in the minute.

It is recommended to use your skills and energy, which is a way to keep up with the market as well, by working in a project or/and why not create one for yourself. Since, I am looking for a role in our sector for a while, I thought why not take advantage of a resource in my hands ( a business in a similar to the HR sector-skills wised, but more relevant to the communications and marketing sector) and actually use this on my benefit. Previous experience used, either voluntarily or payable (even better!), still outweights any drawbacks. 

In the end, this proved to be quiet beneficial for the below reasons.

- Brought in the surface more skills-could not think they existed.

- Enhanced social and communicative abilities.

- Built up an engaged network.

- Expanded market knowledge and cross sector industries, by researching various    

  companies and exploring new opportunities. 

- New horizons increased positivity and strengthened ways of thinking.

- The business can make a recommendation on your behalf.

In a nutsell, there are ways to tackle the issue and challenge your mindset, which can lead to the next job opportunity, as long as you keep using and/or figuring out new skills/ways.