Exit Interviews and Organisational Change

Hi all,


I'm doing some research for my CIPD Certificate and I have been asked by my organisation to focus my research project on exit interviews.

 I have already looked at previous threads and found much which is useful and entertaining.

 My question now is: do you conduct exit interviews for those who are leaving on a compulsory (rather than voluntary basis)?

 Much of the discussion has focused on voluntary leavers (why are you leaving? what could we have done to make you stay?)

 However, I wonder whether, in the financial context many organisations now find themselves in, whether there is a more valuable approach to take. Knowing that effective change management can really transform return on investment for transformation projects, I wonder if the best people to tell us if we are doing it well are the employees who are leaving, accounting for sensitivities etc.

 I'd really love to hear your thoughts.


  • Surely you could simply leave those questions out?  And perhaps ask questions around why they got in the position they did before they were dismissed and whether the company could have avoided them getting in  that situation in the first place?