*Help* Our Community 'catch up' mobile app

Steve Bridger

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Community Manager

20 Nov, 2019 21:13

Moderator note: I will tweak this post over time... but thought I should add something to the Community Help section. 

We gave our Community app a soft launch at the end of October 2019.

The aim has been to keep the app relatively simple and provide you with a way to catch up with Community discussions on the go. I like to think of it as the Community ‘in your pocket’!

You can also access a convenient digital version of your membership card via the app – another reason to download it!

Simply search for "CIPD Community" on the app stores.

As you would expect, there is an iOS version for iPhone and an Android version.

The first time you use the app you will need to log in using the same details you use to access your CIPD online account (i.e. how you access the Community on your desktop). This is particularly important if you are a CIPD member and wish to be able to view your membership card within the app.

There is more information about the app on this page.

As on the desktop, you will receive notifications when someone replies to your posts or creates a new discussion in a forum you are following. You will be able to post, reply and ‘like’ comments… and whatever you do will of course be reflected on the desktop version: it’s the same Community.

There are a few things you can do on the desktop version that you cannot currently do on the app. For example:

  • You will not be able to send private messages to other community members.
  • You will not yet be able to change your profile photo.
  • Search within the app

If the app proves successful, we will continue to improve functionality and add features in future releases.

If at any time when using the app you have any ideas for further developments please keep me posted via: cipdcommunitymobile@cipd.co.uk