• RE: ** Caption competition - #2 **

    Santa could frankly do without Rudolph's gilet jaunes selfies. It was bad enough that he had gone off at this critical time of year thinking that a grassroots protest meant food.
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    Rogue drones are less of an issue on this transport method at least.
  • RE: International growth and HR expertise

    Thank you Ray and David. I was assuming that the international law companies were one of the options, albeit at the expensive end. I'll have a look at your two recommendations, thank you very much.
  • International growth and HR expertise


    Our company is growing rapidly and now we are looking at expansion into Europe, Australia and North America.  We have a small UK based HR team and so are considering the best way to get the advice we need to employ people locally in each of these locations…

  • RE: Working remotely... overseas

    Hi Rosie
    You might be done with this thread but just to add that we have done this successfully with a number of staff who wanted to relocate (usually heading home after working in the UK) but whom we didn't want to lose. We have ended up using the contractor…
  • German project/UK employee/Indian passport

    Hi, Our employee, on a UK contract of employment, currently has an Indian passport with existing Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.  He is applying for British naturalisation but this will take some months.  We would like to send him over to Germany…