• RE: Being too nice for HR

    Hi Farah

    Being nice and friendly makes you approachable. Being nice and friendly diffuses many employee relations issues. Being nice and friendly removes a lot of the misconceptions of HR as being the “company police”. Remaining nice and friendly makes…

  • RE: What the hell HR!

    Hi James, leaving the job search to the side for one moment, and I say the following with the greatest of respect, I think you need to take a step back and obtain help in terms of where your head is at, at this moment in time. This situation has obviously…
  • Residential Care - Overtime and on-call rates

    Hi Folks

    Have we any members out there who work for organisations which provide residential care/own residential care homes and who would be able to help out/share some information in relation to overtime  / on-call rates for staff?

    Thank you 


  • Re: Being too nice for HR

    Hi Everyone

    I'd made a comment at the very outset of this discussion and it's heartening to see that a lot of HR professionals such as yourselves rate "being nice" as a strength. Thankfully a small percentage of people seem to forget that people are human…

  • Re: Being too nice for HR

    Hi Farah

    If I had a penny for each time I was told I was too nice to work in HR - I would be a rich man and wouldn't need to work at all!! People are the greatest asset a Company can have and don't forget to include yourself in that mix! Staff respond…