• Diversity and inclusion networking events London


    I am currently working in an HR capacity in a SME (financial advisory services) and studying towards a level 7 CIPD qualification. I have always been interested in diversity for many reasons, and recently started a diversity module as part of my course…

  • Re: Assertiveness

    Thanks Claire. This is a great start!
  • Re: Assertiveness

    Hi David

    Thanks for your input. Do you know where I can information on passive, aggressive and assertive behaviors?

    Basically, you let the participants choose a situation to practice on, and they will assess the person  in front of them, so they are the…

  • Re: volunteering opportunity


    I am unsure what the market is like in Aberdeen, however I can
    give you some advice from personal experience.  

    am based in London and there are many large charities who advertise
    (CharityJobs.com) for HR Admin support. If you want names…

  • Assertiveness


    I am doing some research on assertiveness and how to improve it in the
    workplace. As part of my research, I have to create role-plays for those who
    are keen to improve their assertiveness and wish to do some practice.

    Can anyone advise on how to…