• RE: Coronavirus: what contingency plans are you putting in place?

    Has anyone implemented fever screening at work as a response to Covid-19? Thinking about the implications, the data is likely to be covered by GDPR, would there need to be a signed agreement? Any thoughts on such a scheme?
  • Handling International Transfers

    Hi All, 

    What process do you follow when an employee requests to transfer to another country? We currently ask a manager to complete the form below, it then is submitted to the CEO for approval. I think there is a much better way to do this and am interested…

  • Re: Dismissal in Australia

    Thanks Chris, but both links state that an employee can only make a claim if they have completed 6 months service which was my original understanding? I will look into the AHRI.


  • Dismissal in Australia


    I have an employee in Sydney who started on 15th May 2013, she passed her 3 month probation but really hasn't been performing at a level that we would expect. My understanding is that with less than 6 months service we can dismiss her by having…